CAD design

We use CAD systems professionally and at the deepest level. Pro/engineer and Creo have proven their worth with us. We have 25 years of experience in strategic CAD design.

TOP-DOWN: Basically, the top-down design intention is pursued: a master model in which all important information is available, from which the information is transferred downwards to the components. All changes are made in one place and are passed on to all dependent models.

Collaboration process: Sections of the master model (skeleton) are separated and distributed in order to demarcate the collaboration between the participants.

The modular design principles are always recommended and taken into account in CAD right from the start..
Layout control: a special technique for managing CAD design and creating drawings and parts lists using simple table values.

Behavioral modeler: CAD-supported optimisation of kinematic and geometric variables using automated approximation methods.

3D printing and Creo Additive Manufacturing: we study new technologies. We offer new 3D printing optimised and component modelling.

FEM using Creo Simulate: designs are pre-dimensioned and statically calculated. We offer FEM verification and optimisation.

PDM: from Inralink to today's Winchill, we offer work with this powerful CAD management tool.