Steel construction is our strength.

The most important experiences are in the field of earthmoving machines, train construction and crane construction.
30 years of experience in the development areas of large companies and industrial machines.

Vehicle chassis, booms, bridge construction, support columns and attachments are all part of our expertise.

Electromechanical construction

complex products with integration of electrical and mechanical components according to requirements such a
easy manufacture, assembly, weight-optimized, corrosion resistance, stackability, transport, operability, etc.

Complete device development

Complete design of products, arrangement of components in terms of function, assembly, installation, operability, replacement in case of repair.

In-depth understanding of electrical and electronic integration and wiring, service life of moving electrical cables, etc..

Housing construction

Development of special enclosures and cabinets for the integration of electronics and electrical components, taking into account customer requirements, thermal management, ease of assembly and protective regulators (explosion protection, tightness, electromagnetic radiation, etc.)