The office was founded in Vienna in June 1996.

To be self-employed was not a goal, it was a necessity.
What you don't know in the EU today are the borders, the work permits and so on. To work and live each one country you wish, is normal. But it was different in the past. After the graduate at the technical university in Vienna , there was no authorization to remain. There was only the path to be employed, which was practically not possible, and yet the path to be self-employed. That was paradoxical, but legal. And as it often happens, life has determined to open an office. It was not so easy, but it continued with courage and getting up again and again. Today this difficulty cannot be explain well.

Between 2003 and 2006 the office was based in Bischofshofen / Salzburg.

Sin´ce 2006 the office has been headquartered in Feldkirch / Vorarlberg and the secondary office still be in Vienna.

PI engineering has worked on a wide variety of projects over the past 25 years. The core competency has developed most strongly in the field of construction machinery since earthmoving machinery projects have been worked on for over 15 years Since 2019, the office has also taken on another employee in cooperation with the social organization BBRZ in Vienna. The cooperation partners of PI Engineering are mostly other offices with highly profiled specialist knowledge that result in a wealth of core competence and flexibility.

The story of PI engineering continues because you have laid a solid foundation.